Anti Scabies Medicines

Lets have a look at Anti-Scabies Medicines which appears to be a safe and effective treatment for scabies. Patients who have failed to respond to FDA-approved topical scabies medicines or who are unable to tolerate them should explore these. They can be applied to the skin to help prevent crusting and aid in the absorption of topical permethrin or benzyl benzoate. Anti-Scabies Medicines are provided in huge ranges like 15 GM Crotamiton And Hydrocortisone Cream, 30 GM Permethrin Cream, 60 ML Permethrin Lotion 5%, Permethrin Cetrimide Soap, and 12 MG Ivermectin Dispersible Tablets. They are very cost-effective and can be easily purchased by our eminent customers, at nominal pricing, in bulk quantities. 
Product Image (Crotomite-HC)

15 GM Crotamiton And Hydrocortisone Cream

Price: 120 INR/Piece

Displays scabicidal and antipruritic property Highly beneficial in children extands built- in support of hydrocortisone useful in both scabietic and nonscabietic pruritic conditions

Product Image (Permimite)

30 GM Permethrin Cream

Price: 60 INR/Box

for hygienic bath of scabies and lice infested patients An easy to spread on whole body of scabies and lice

Product Image (Permimite)

60 ML Permethrin Lotion 5%

Price: 63 INR/Box

An easy to spread on hole body of scabies and lice a safer option for the treatment of scabies also effectively treats pediculosis

Product Image (Scabivert-12)

12 MG Ivermectin Dispersible Tablets

Price: 96 INR/Box

A frist oral therapy against scabies effective against both individually affected person or institutional outbreak of scabies also effective against various other endo and exo - parasites


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